It’s time for renovation … with Trind!

22 October 2021

Autumn is the time of chestnuts and leaf fall, it is a transitory period, which also leads to a fall in the immune defenses that are immediately affected by our body through the nails and hair.

Oh yes, the hair falls out more than it should and the nails, after an intense and stressful summer, where we played with colored reconstructions and small carelessness, are definitely weakened!

But don’t worry! There is a remedy for everything!

The Trind line, distributed exclusively in Italy by RVM Beauty srl, offers a wide range of products for every nail problem.

An exceptional restructuring product that acts from the inside on the covalent keratin cells by welding them together and leaving the nail resistant but at the same time elastic, preventing it from breaking and falling apart like “onions”!

Trind Nail Repair Natural is the best seller of the range, with its milky white color it is the cure for you!

For those who love color, however, it can also be found in other light colors, such as pink, lilac and beige and for lovers even pearly colors.

For those who can’t help but bite their nails, Trind has produced the Nail Repair anti-bite, with such a bitter taste that you will forget to “gnaw them”!

In short, there is no need to fear, nail weakness will no longer be a problem!

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