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4 November 2021

The time to take care of your skin is important, but we know that the frenetic pace often does not allow it.

Let’s see how to make our skin perfect with a few steps and dedicated products thanks to ROA CYTOMEDY;

the first thing to do on our face and of fundamental importance, is cleansing. We will therefore use ROA ALL IN ONE BUBBLE FOAM which helps eliminate sebum impurities making the skin hydrated. The product has a foamy and soft consistency like cream. Massage it on your face and rinse with water. Then apply ROA ALL IN ONE PERFUM MIST, spray tonic suitable for sensitive skin, it can also be used with the presence of acne, spray it on the face, you will feel a delicate scent that will be the soundtrack to your skin throughout the day. The last step, to complete the daily routine and satisfy the needs of our skin, is ROA ALL IN ONE ESSENTIAL LOTION. Elasticizing, purifying and moisturizing anti-aging emulsion. Apply a small amount to the skin by massaging it on the face. It is also ideal for an excellent make-up base.

All ROA products have sea buckthorn as an active ingredient: a plant with fruits considered sacred, its antioxidant property helps regenerate the skin. It gives off a fruity orange scent. Another fundamental active ingredient always present in ROA products is Collagen which gives elasticity to our skin making it hydrated. You will see that in no time you will notice the results on your face. Is it worth waiting and not trying ROA CYTOMEDY yet? Have you already used ROA products? To find out more: I’ll wait for you in the comments.

Vanessa M.

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