Collagene always with you!

11 November 2021

It’s Friday night, the tiredness of the week is making itself felt and your skin is dull?

No problem!

There is ROA Cellpure 2500 Collagen Jelly Mist, a gelatin spray based on hydrolyzed collagen, with a fragrance of Musk and Bulgarian Rose so sweet that it will inebriate your face by increasing the elasticity of your skin, retaining its natural hydration, nourishing it and illuminating it, even above the make-up, carrying out a fixing effect.

You can nebulize ROA Cellpure 2500 Collagen Jelly Mist, whenever you feel the need during the day, to hydrate, decongest, heal and protect, regenerating your skin with a touch of freshness that will make you forget the tiredness of the day!

Available in 100ml and in the very practical 50ml format, you will have your skin energizer, always at hand!

Distributed in Italy by RVM Beauty srl.

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