Save your lips!

13 December 2021

Lips are fundamental for our face and it is very important to always keep them
Well-groomed: Imagine seeing a beautiful fiery red lipstick on your lips completely
dehydrated and skinned, it is certainly not a pretty sight! GRACIA BIO 2in1 lip balm thought
up to you, for daily lip care, especially recommended for use during
cold periods, before going out and even after sunbathing, and why not …. even in the snow. The lip balm has 3 availabilities
of Papaya, Coconut and Noni flavored sticks, is made with 97% of ingredients of natural origin. As
use it? Applying it to the lips several times during the day, it makes the lips perfect proof
kiss. Check out the RVMBEAUTY instagram page to learn more about this product.

Vanessa M.

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