A perfect ally.

20 December 2021

Trind solvent or classic acetone? What is the difference?

Acetone is a powerful nail polish remover that sometimes tends to damage cuticles.

For a strengthening treatment it is not recommended to use it, because it damages what we want to save, that is the nail.

The acetone-free solvent Trind nail polish remover contains protective ingredients, which prevent dryness of the nail, a perfect ally of NAIL REPAIR NATURAL, which together form a perfect combination to restore the nail, making it more strengthened. TRIND NAIL POLISH REMOVER is “anti-stain”, which means that the skin surrounding the nail and cuticles remains clean. Directions for use: Apply a little product on a cotton pad and pass it by pressing lightly on the nail, then remove the nail polish with the soaked cotton.
And you? Have you ever tried it?


Vanessa M.




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