Fairy feet

29 December 2021

Winter is the time of year when we neglect our feet and the
the cold contributes to cracking and increasing their callosity.
So, create your own little SPA in your home, and take care of your feet with the “Exfoliating Foot Mask” by Adamas Spa.
A simple and innovative product, able to regenerate the skin and remove calluses.
Its lactic acid-based formula gently removes dead cells from the feet, eliminates bad odors and leaves the feet soft and smooth, thanks to the Glycerin and Allantoin that provide nourishment and hydration.
It is a disposable sock to be applied on dry and clean skin, leave to act for about 30/45 minutes and then gently remove with water.
In a few minutes your feet will be soft again and corns and calluses will be just a bad memory!


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