Happy New Year

31 December 2021

Here we are, another particular year that we are about to leave and a new year that we are about to embrace. Oh yes, we hope to embrace it strong but strong enough to break and annihilate restrictions, distances and finally defeat this virus with all its variants attached and connected. There is a great desire to return to normal life, we all feel deprived of our freedom, our choices, our breath, our life. We have only hope, but what is hope without our responsible participation? Evil is not in the drama we are experiencing. Evil lurks in the transformation of drama into tragedy or worse still into farce. Come on, head held high, let’s face this new year by showing our metaphorical brain muscle. The vaccine would seem the only way to go, we are all committed to this, we are all respecting the numerous restrictions. On the other hand we are living, the only thing we do and for which we have been called to do. In recent times we have adapted, our living, changed so much that we will hardly go back to reliving our old habits. So many things have gone, so many of our loved ones have left us, it would be nice not to frustrate their sacrifice. Volens nolens we always have to put something of our own and why hold back now? Always be responsible.

Welcome 2022, you will find people more determined than ever.

Happy New Year everyone.

Mario Mignacca

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