Bye Bye Cellulite

5 January 2022

Figurite, maybe the best anti-cellulite cream that has been shown to reduce cellulite on the thighs in less than 1 month! Based on a synergistic combination of natural ingredients, Figurite could be defined as the only natural cellulite removal treatment that would achieve significant results and help you lose cellulite fast. The anti-cellulite firming cream works by targeting the subcutaneous fatty tissue, activating the lipolysis process to help remove cellulite naturally. The silky and non-greasy texture is quickly absorbed leaving the skin firm and toned. The elasticity of the skin is greatly improved as the unsightly “orange peel” appearance begins to disappear. How to use it? Apply a generous amount of cream to the desired area twice a day. Massage well, with circular movements, until the cream is completely absorbed. The first results are visible after just two weeks. Those who like to speed up the process can use the special “Shorts”

created with encapsulated microspheres to wear in the gym, during physical activity, in the office or during home activities. If you want to know more contact us!


Vanessa M.

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