Full energy!

13 January 2022

Tired, dull and dehydrated skin?
Fill up with ROA Cytomedy Repair Vitamin Toner.
A moisturizing vitamin tonic, which gives energy, elasticity and brightness to the skin, closing the pores and leaving a pleasant scent.
Obtained from the “sea buckthorn” plant, a miraculous berry with a thousand properties, which in association with the root of “multiflorum” and the thermal water of “Chojeong mineral spring”, improves the Vitamin Toner to hydrate and balance the ph of the skin, improving its elasticity and stimulating the cells to produce collagen.
Vitamin Toner has real therapeutic effects.
Thanks to the presence of 5 pure minerals and its slightly acidic pH, 5.5, it optimizes the balance of the skin, forming a moisturizing barrier and eliminating the toxins present.
Just pour a little of the product on wet hands and massage on the face, neck and décolleté to recharge the skin with new energy!




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