Nail fungus solutions

4 February 2022

Nail fungus is a very common type of nail disease.

Do you suffer from mycosis? Solve the problem with Fungal Nail Serum!

These fungi trigger the infection, which can be confined to a single nail or can affect others as well. Fungal Nail Serum by Trind Cosmetics is an antifungal serum that penetrates the nail preventing the spread of the fungus in the affected area and other nails.

Nail mycosis usually begins with a change in the color of the nail itself. The formulation of the Trind Fungal Nail Serum has a high concentration of keratin, rebuilds and strengthens the structure of the nail, improving its condition.

Do you want to know how to use it? Then watch the video tutorial on our Trind Cosmetics YouTube channel!

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Valeria M.

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