Emotional Balance

11 March 2022

In such a particular moment of our life, being able to find an emotional balance is really difficult.
Cv Primary Essence has created natural and biologically certified products which, thanks to aromatherapy and the essential oils contained, are able to penetrate not only into the skin, but also into our bloodstream, giving well-being to the body and soul!
For us women, for our little mood swings, the Afrodita line was created which, with its 100% pure essential and vegetable oils, is able to express sensuality and well-being to the body and mind.
The Afrodita line consists of:
Facial Elixir (30ml) that nourishes, regenerates and tones the tissues, giving brightness to aged and dehydrated skin. It is a rebalancing and regenerating oil that gives an extraordinary softness to sensitive and fragile facial skin.
Body oil (150ml / 500ml), a body oil composed of 100% essential and vegetable oils that nourish even the most demanding skin and are able to generate a strong sensual charge, giving well-being and emotional balance.

Feel special every day by immersing yourself in our all-female elixir!



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