Naturally soft

28 March 2022

Spring has arrived and with the warm season we begin to discover our feet too, closed for the whole winter.
It’s time to renew them and make them soft and delicate without corns and calluses.
So why not do it naturally, respecting the environment in a simple and economical way!
With “Adamas Natural – disposable rasp” it will be child’s play!
This natural rasp, made with ceramic foam, is the ideal product to gently remove corns and calluses while respecting hygiene and the environment around us.
It is made of light and handy material that can be easily sanitized.
Adamas Natural is a disposable rasp that contains two ceramic foam pads to be replaced if necessary.
There are also 6 refillable pads available for further replacements.
With “Adamas Natural” no more rough feet!



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